Grow your sales by targeting existing customers

If you have a database of customers, it makes sense to use the data that you already have to sell additional products and services to them. After all, they already know and trust your company, so are far more receptive to your advertising efforts.

Here at Panoptic, we create bespoke email campaigns that get results. From simple promotions to advanced emails that target specific clients and customers.

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Top tip: Personalise your emails

When sending email campaigns, address the recipient by their first name. This makes the email more personal and has been proven to increase the chance of your email being opened.

Marketing automation

Are you wasting time manually sending out marketing emails? Wouldn’t it be nice to reclaim some of that time and let the emails run on autopilot?

We can setup advanced automations that take care of the heavy lifting. Do you run an online shop and want to send out a special discount to your top 100 customers as a thank you? Automations can do that. Maybe you have an information pack that you send out to self catering guests ahead of their stay. Yep, automations can help there too.

Most companies have this data already, but it’s not doing anything useful. Get in touch today and see how we can help unlock it’s potential.

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