Bespoke Website
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MiTek required a complete overhaul of their European websites. Their 13 existing sites were difficult to manage and the design had become dated.

We met with MiTek and agreed that a WordPress multisite network would fit their needs, as it would allow MiTek to easily update all 13 websites, while sharing a consistent design and set of features across the network.

13 sites in 1

With MiTek Europe's business spanning 13 different countries and regions, there was a requirement to keep admin and maintenance of the sites as efficient as possible. We quickly established that WordPress multisite would be the perfect fit, as it enables a centralised admin of all sites. It also allows MiTek to ensure branding consistency across the whole network, with each site using the same bespoke WordPress theme.Key featuresCentralised admin, with regional admins for specific sitesUser accounts shared across networkUpdates to theme and security applied to all sites in a few clicks

A bespoke calculator

One of the most used features on the new website is a calculator to identify the correct posi-joist for a given span distance. MiTek previously had a basic version of this calculator, but it relied on a third party developer to make updates to the data. Panoptic rebuilt the calculator and added several new features, including the ability for MiTek to update the calculations themselves.

A custom ordering system

As part of the website, we built a custom integration for MiTek's existing ordering system. This allows users with a customer account to easily add a range of MiTek products for delivery. We built this on top of WordPress' widely used ecommerce platform, WooCommerce, allowing for additional features to be easily added in future.

FreshDesk Integration

As part of MiTek's service to their customers, they use a support system called FreshDesk. Once the design of the website was completed, we created a custom FreshDesk theme that follows the same layout. We also integrated FreshDesk single sign-on (SSO), allowing MiTek customers who are already logged in to the MiTek network to automatically login to FreshDesk.