Complete digital transformation

We were approached by Frame Homes UK to provide a bespoke website, video content and fully immersive virtual tours. Frame Homes had an existing website that didn’t allow them to fully showcase their new range of multimedia. So we set about putting together a bespoke WordPress website that would allow Frame Homes present their new content in an engaging way.

Homepage overview

Design elements

As part of the build for Frame Homes, we created the following elements:

Site typography

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

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Paragraph Text

Colour palette

HEX: #00559d
HEX: #01a89e
HEX: #ffffff
HEX: #161c24


Example button

Frame Homes Virtual Tour

The aim of the virtual tour was to give an insight into how the factory operates along with the equipment/machinery that is used to manufacture the finished timber frames. We took special detail in scanning in and around the machinery as this will be very important to showcase when virtually walking through the factory, it also doubles as a a great benchmark to attach the matter tags which will hold the video clips of the machinery in action.

Frame Homes Video

Frame Homes have a highly effective streamlined process for manufacturing timber frames. We spent the day in their state of the art factory covering all angles of the timber frame building process. We aimed to take the viewer through a journey while they watched the video, we completed this by documenting every stage of the build throughout each piece of machinery. Alongside the main final video we created a series of shorter videos that will be used in the virtual tour, this is a great way of combining the two and seamlessly joins the virtual tour and video and this creates an unrivalled image of the factory and machinery.